Case Study: Koi Pond


Provide a solution to the requirements of a Koi pond filtration system without the intricate filter system being seen. Encompassed within the design of the hardwood deck is a remotely controlled hydraulic section which exposes a cellar area underneath, this area contains two large Nexus and UV filters. The filter system allows 70,000 litres of water per hour to be treated to a suitable quality level to sustain Koi carp. All the services to the celler ie water, electricity and the hydraulic pump have been stored in a nearby garage and fed through an underground pipesystem.

Case Study - Pond

An additional area surrounding two sides of the deck has a lined bog area for the propergation of yellow Iris. This area is fed water by the same pump that operates the fountain, again has been remotely operated along with an under water lighting system which allows the specimen Koi to be viewed at night.

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